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So you want to plan the sex of your next baby or
simply need help getting pregnant?

I help families achieve their dreams by providing personalised One on One coaching services, guiding and educating parents giving them a personalised step by step process on what they both should do and what to avoid to help them concieve the boy or girl they've been dreaming of or to simply guide them on how to get pregnant on their first try!

Natural Gender Selection!
You'll discover all the scientific secrets I learned on how to change your your body's chemistry, gain a good understanding of your cycle and hormones, understand the importance of timing, and  your sexual routines to maximize your chances of birthing the gender of your choice.

I became my own expert after having my own set of twin girls and wanted a boy myself.  After considering various costly High-Tech Gender Selection techniques, I discovered how to do it myself naturally and succeeded!   Read My Story
I'll walk you through a four step process that has combined scientific methods and techniques that lets you choose your baby's gender with a claimed 94.8% success rate.
1. Occupation, Hobbies & Lifestyle 
There are certain occupations, hobbies and lifestyle habits that can inhibit sperm count, motility and favour girls. For those who fit into this criteria, a 3 month full body detox program is recommended.
3.  Diet Modification 
to favour your preferred gender. Funny fact, one gender benefits from snack food more than the other!
4.  Sex positions and habits
Can favour one gender over the other.  You'll be amazed at what simultaneous orgasms can do for gender selection.
2.  Timing and body chemistry.  
Getting pregnant at different times in your cycle plays a large role in gender selection.  And so does the PH balance of your body chemistry.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

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Find out what you are likely to concieve

  • Why airline pilots and firefighters tend to have more girls than boys?

  • Feminine foods that are high in ___and____ will help you concieve a girl.

  • Why following an ovulation predictor kit alone can lead to more girls than boys
  • How certain sexual positions can decrease your chance of having a boy

  • Why your vagina kills male sperm, and how to use it to your advantage

  • How well timed intercourse can dramatically increase your chances of a boy 

Did you know that certain lifestyle habits, professions and hobbies can significantly affect the baby gender you are most likely to have?


  1. Get You Pregnant Faster
    I get you pregnant 10x faster than if you were to try on your own.
    Provided there are no pre-existing fertility issues, I have helped couples get pregnant faster, usually on their first try after my guidance.
  2. Early Detection of Cycle Anomolies
    Trouble getting or staying pregnant? Get to the root cause faster!
    The menstrual cycle is complex and controlled by many different glands and the hormones that these glands produce. The four phases of the menstrual cycle are menstruation, the follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phase. Through my cycle monitoring methods, I can detect cycle anomalies that could be affecting your ability to either get pregnant or stay pregnant as well as alert you to situations that warrant seeking your Healthcare Practitioner.
  3. Balance Your Family
    Too many boys or girls in your family? No problem..
    No matter what your reason is, I understand how important family balancing is whether you're looking to add a boy or girl to the next family gathering....I will help you increase your odds significantly with my methods.

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